4321 km – That’s a wrap folks.

Since leaving Sydney with my former partner Emily, I have been away 15 months and voyaged through 15 countries by foot, air, sea, rail, bicycle, home made camper van and even camel. The variety of experiences has been staggering. I have worked on British and French farms, Lived in an amazing slum area of Africa, built stone houses in Ireland, rounded up goats in portugal, served whisky in Scotland, Climbed mountains in Poland, Skied in the Alps, taught in a Moroccan language school, had aView full post »

Up, up and away

Into the hills I go. The sun is still shining and the long white sandy beaches of Biarritz are far behind me. I am heading to St Jean de Pied de Port, the traditional starting point of the Camino Frances - an 800km pilgrimage across the Pyranees and overland to the top left corner of Spain.  It is a funny feeling being back amongst traffic and noisy trucks after all this peace on quiet on the coastal cycle paths. I immediately feel the soot seep into my lungs as I inhale, and at the end ofView full post »

Moving forward >

Via long distance discussions, decisions had been made between Miss Em and I that we were no longer to be an item, and that this was the end of us as Fiance and Fiancee. Solemn news, the gravity of which had been avoiding me for the past week of blissful adventure, hit me swiftly, and the balloon of emotions burst suddenly. I can tell you, it is not the most pleasant of situations to be in, sobbing like a big baby, alone in a tent somewhere on the other side of the world from all of your lovedView full post »

On the road #2 – Greetings from the Basque region of France.

Worlds away from the scarf wearing, Chocolat Chaud sipping, wintery France that I had always known. Reminiscent of the beaches along Australia’s surf coast, only with more varied and dense forests. This area was also home the greatest cycle paths I have ever known. Australia is pretty backwards in coming forwards to accommodate two wheeled travellers. In fact some have suggested that the type of  cycle touring I am doing might see me run off the road or robbed blind. This is probablyView full post »

Alain et son vélo couché – Bassin D’Arcachon, France 2014

The big German tyres were humming, the pedals turning like clockwork and after a few days of cruising South from Bordeaux I had reached the Bassin D’Arcachon in the Aquitaine region of France. Blue skies all round, I rolled past beaches aplenty, stopping to take a dip in the crystal clear seas and bodysurf the waves all along this part of the coast. Powered by Daft Punk and baguettes, I began to enjoy the feeling of hauling weight on the bike. It began to feel completely natural to be aView full post »

Video – Tuesday night by the river, Bordeaux, France.

A snippet from our long summer days and balmy nights seeing the sights of Bordeaux.View full post »

Video – First week on the road – Scotland to France

Video by Hawkeandherring Original music by Emmy Herring and Thomas Hayes – All copyright remains with the artist(s) – do not reproduce without permission.View full post »

Project Hawke and Project Herring 2014

There are bicycles everywhere. Everywhere. This town has it sorted. Their style, their energy, the finesse, the food. A sea breeze and smashing summer weather on tap. Bordeaux – We love you. Hi Y’all, As of this morning, after a French hotel breakfast, the Hawke and the Herring will set off and begin to tackle their own projects on both sides of the world. Although long term travel and adventure seems like the ultimate lifestyle,  24/7 Travel buddies can crowd one another out.View full post »